Magnetic North

Production Details

Writer: William Donnelly

Producer: The Active Theater
Director: Jeremy Dobrish

Producer: Act 2 Playhouse
Director: Bud Martin


Shahinian‘s work in this is especially engaging as she defies all stereotypes in her portrayal of a woman who suspects her husband may be unfaithful. The simplicity of her reactions and the tender touch she gives to each emotion make her heart breaking and fascinating.”

~ Michael Roderick,

“Cut to James’ home, where his wife, Leigh (Sarah Shahinian, particularly touching), is confident enough — or so it seems — to greet him with a joking ‘So are you leaving me?'”

~ Sandy MacDonald,

“The cast is superb… Sarah Shahinian is first-rate as the sad and anxious Leigh.”

~ Clark Groome, Chestnut Hill Local

“Leigh, played patiently by Sarah Shahinian, starts out as a flat character, wearing a tattered green robe and barely moving from the couch. But as the problems in her marriage progressively rise to the surface, so does the true essence of the character, overcome with grief after losing her baby and terrified of also losing her husband, by whom she feels abandoned.”

~ Kaitlyn Foti, Montgomery Newspapers


PICTURED: Sarah Shahinian, Christian Campbell,
Heather Lee Harper, Scott Richard Foster
(NYC Cast)

PICTURED: Sarah Shahinian, Brad Heikes,
Christie Parker, Paul Felder
(PA Cast)