Body Language

Production Details

Producer: The Active Theater
Writer: Jennie Contuzzi
Director: Nathaniel Shaw
Assistant Director: Sarah Shahinian


“Not surprisingly, The Active Theater turns out yet another quality, thought-provoking production… It is a wonderful glimpse into the psyche of a very disturbed young woman and a fantastic opportunity to see some awesome talent doing what it does best.”

~ Amber Gallery,

“I love going to a show that challenges my comfort level and opens the door for further discussion. I commend The Active Theater for putting on a show that deals with a heavier subject matter. If you want to support a new voice in theatre, I would recommend going to see The Active Theater’s production of Jennie Contuzzi’sBody Language…”

~ Adam Rothenberg,

“You are left wanting to know more, for the story to continue, for there to be a happy ending. You will become invested for a long time after seeing Body language, even as your comfort level is threatened, and after seeing this journey played out.”

~ Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles


PICTURED: Lucy Owen, Christian Campbell, Jeb Kreager,
Daniel Damiano, Mary Jo Mecca, Tim Barker