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"Sarah Shahinian turns in one of the strongest female performances at La Comedia in recent memory. As Belle, Ms. Shahinian displays the right balance of spunk and likeable warmth, as well as a beautiful singing voice."

~ Scott Cain, Talkin' Broadway

"If you have a child who has always wanted to see a princess, bring her to Beauty and the Beast so she can see Sarah Shahinian play Belle to the character's fullest."

~ Chrysanthi Snyder, CCN-USA

"Shahinian exudes a wide-eyed innocence and also shows off her great voice"

~ Phoenix New Times

"The pretty bookworm Belle (Sarah Shahinian) and heartless prince-turned-hideous Beast (Shane Tanner) successfully evolve their titular roles... Shahinian’s tender-hearted tenacity radiates early on when Belle assesses her plight as the Beast’s prisoner in the emotional tune, 'Home.' But soon after, her performance quickly intertwines with Tanner's engaging portrayal... Both actors, equally charming and vocally strong, are so compatible that their squabbles reflect many couples who are perfect for each other despite their jarring idiosyncrasies."

~ Russell Florence, Jr., Dayton City Paper